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Cultural Celebration Week

In week three of Term Four, 21st -25th October, BEPS will be hosting a Cultural Celebration Week. We will celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our school community.

Our culture at BEPS is influenced and shaped by the various intercultural experiences that
are brought to our community by each member. These experiences are communicated
through stories, food, dance, music, art and language.

The sharing of your cultural experiences with the BEPS community will help us make
Cultural Celebration Week a very rich experience for the students at BEPS.

Regional Debating at BEPS

Last Wednesday, 5th September, we hosted a ‘Regional Debating Day’.

Six schools attended and we also had three teams (18 students) from BEPS participate. Our teams did an excellent job. They were all very well prepared and took their roles very seriously. There were different topics -‘That afterschool sports should be compulsory’, ‘That all students should have to learn an Asian language at school’ and – ‘That children should not have to participate in Reality Television’.

Five out of nine teams from BEPS won their debates – and congratulations to Amy, Saul, Oliver, Gaston and Olive for receiving a ‘Best Speaker’ award.

Lots Coming Up!

This year we will not be having a Fathers’ Day Stall! Why? Well, we are trying something new. In our modern families, one of the ways that we can say just how special, important and loved the members of our family and wider family are, is to spend time together. In May, we traditionally spend time with our mums and in September we celebrate our dads. This year we are encouraging the students to bring their dad, or any other important male figure in their lives, to come along to a disco and games night. Bring the ‘whole’ family, your friends, and make sure that we celebrate all the important male adults in your life.

Trivia Night
Please see the flyer further along in the newsletter and come along and have some fun. I will be there, but don’t let that put you off. I promise to behave, at least once during the night. This is always a great night, parents have put in a huge effort and the evening has always been a great laugh – even if you can’t answer the questions. Just make up the answers like I do. There are no prizes for creativity but everyone gets a laugh.

Working Bee
Please remember that we have a working bee THIS Saturday, 1st September. More details to follow.

Pick My Project
Please get in there and encourage everyone you know, over 16, to vote for this project. It will enable us to open up our grounds to the community after hours and enable us to get some improved play equipment and facilities. The details are on a separate poster further along in the newsletter.

3-Way Conference Bookings

To book a time with your teacher for June 21, 25, or 26, please go to  and enter u3c74 as the code.

Fill in details as per the boxes and select me from the dropdown list of teachers.

You will receive an email confirming your booking.

Members of Curiosita will be available on each of the nights, please check their availability if you wish to make a booking to see them.

Thank you.