Updated 8.2.2021

BEPS Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values statements were developed in partnership with staff, parents, students, and the school council. BEPS affirms democratic principles through the adherence of them in the school’s vision and values, our handbook, and local school policies.


To create confident, passionate, and curious learners who are highly literate and numerate, have high expectations, and are engaged in their community.


Empathy – understanding and identifying with members of our diverse community and treating them with compassion and respect
Friendship – building strong, positive, and supportive relationships
Creativity – encouraging inventive, imaginative, and original thinking and expression
Resilience – developing adaptability, optimism, and strength of character to cope with life’s challenges
Wonder – inspiring a sense of awe, fascination, and curiosity in the ways we can explore our world

Some History of our School

The beautiful old double-brick buildings at Brunswick East Primary School make up the original school established in 1893 after much lobbying by the local community of the day. Previously local children had to walk to Moreland to attend school. In 1922 the older buildings were refurbished and more modern additions were built in the early 1970s – a hall, library, and open plan classrooms developed around a central paved courtyard. The school was refurbished in 1997 following the merger with Brunswick Primary School. The Honour Board from Brunswick takes pride of place in a hallway near our staffroom. Our most recent renovation with Australian Government BER funding has seen extensive improvements to our main building.

Brunswick East PS has a rich heritage. In fact, at one point, it was a Central School catering for students from Prep to Yr 8 and for many years was a valued training school for rural teachers. To model what it would be like to teach in a rural school some of our single classrooms had students from Prep to Grade 6.

Our location within the inner suburbs of Melbourne ensures access to many community assets, including CERES (the Centre for Education, Research and Environmental Strategies), the Merri Creek which flows into the Yarra River, Triple R radio station, several local parks, and the Aboriginal Retirement Village.

The Public Records Office holds some terrific photos of BEPS and its classrooms going back in history!

The Victorian Heritage Database has this historical information about the main building of BEPS.

Order the book chronicling a detailed history of BEPS: Playing The Game: 120 Years of Brunswick East Primary School – Download the Order Form here.