The BEPS Conversation and More…

On Thursday, Janet launched her all-new means of communication with our parent, caregiver, and BEPS community. It’s in the form of a weekly Blog and is called The BEPS Conversation.

You can access The BEPS Conversation by going to or just click this link here.

The front page of the BEPS website also features the latest three posts directly from The BEPS Conversation, to help you find recent information.

Through this blog I will try to keep you informed of what goes on at BEPS and explain our educational philosophy and practices.

In any conversation, questions are welcomed and I would love the opportunity to respond to any of your questions or comments on this blog. In particular I would really like to know what topics you want explained/discussed because in that way I am writing about what is important to you. Please engage with this site and truly make it a conversation worth having. – Janet Di Pilla

The BEPS Conversation replaces the weekly school newsletter for 2017.

Learning Community Blogs

Don’t forget to also check out your children’s learning community blogs. There is a link to each one found in the Blogs page (also linked to from the main menu of the BEPS website). Samples of recent posts from these blogs are also a feature.