STREAM Tinker Lab

Janet’s News on the STREAM Tinker Lab

The Tinkerlab is in full swing. Preps have their buildings made and now face the task of creating a community. I anticipate that this activity will require some patience and serious negotiation skills, so I look
forward to watching the progress.
Terra Verde are investigating gears and yesterday I found a number of them in the tinker lab investigating the size and number of teeth on various gears, looking at how they work and making observations about the direction each gear
turns and how gears might make thing go slower or faster. They will use this knowledge to make a clock with
an hour and second hand.
Bicicletta’s game is progressing well. Collectively they have built a model of BEPS, including a really cool play area, negotiated the rules for the game, constructed maths cards and bomb cards, and are now 3-D printing their jewels.
‘Grumpy Janet’ has featured a little too often in the bomb cards as she grumpily stops people from collecting the jewels and sends them off to do chores or miss a turn. Each group is now designing their own game and I am
really looking to see them finished.
The Tinker lab has been set up to allow students, including teachers, to manipulate objects, try new ways to show their learning and to provide motivation to learn. As you would expect the areas of maths and science feature strongly in the tinker lab inquiries through the spatial manipulation of objects, coding, and measurement. However our goals
with the Tinker lab encompasses so much more. It involves students not just cooperating but learning to collaborate;
students are learning to design; improve their fine motor skills; develop communal rules and responsibilities; think in very logical and sequenced steps and allow their imagination to take flight.
The Tinker Lab also allows us another opportunity to talk to the students about interpersonal qualities such as respect. Respect for themselves by valuing their own opinion and sharing it with others. Respect for others by showing
consideration of other people’s feelings and listening to them. Respect by offering to help people, possibly other students in their group, or by saying please and thank you! Respect of other people’s learning and showing that respect by not dismantling others constructions. Respect for the space that they share with other people. Hopefully this helps our young people to develop their respect for themselves, others and the environment in which they live.