Revitalising The Agora

As previously announced, Brunswick East Primary School will be the recipients of $18,000 following the successful auction of Nelson Alexander’s Foundation Day property.

A very big thank you to the Brunswick office of Nelson Alexander. You can see part of the Auction action here: Auction Video

In conjunction with this money donated by Nelson Alexander, further funds raised by the community in 2013 will be used to replace the damaged roof over the Agora, during the forthcoming school holidays.

The hard work of the dedicated Community Events team and the generous contribution and involvement of families to fundraising events such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, Friday markets, and the Trivia Night will ensure the soon to be re-imagined ‘Agora’ will have a safe, new roof that allows light into the space. Hooray!

Look out for further news on The Agora project and Information Sheet sheet here.