How can you support the Twilight Market?

  • Please get your raffle tickets back ASAP so that we minimize the stress for organisers and maximize our profit.
  • Our first of three Rides Super Pass draws for early ticket sellers took place at Monday’s assembly, and two more will follow on November 14 and 21.
  • Get those books back even if you have not been able to sell all the tickets.
  • Put your name down to help for just one hour. If every adult gave 1 hour we would be overwhelmed with support. Please don’t leave it to just a few. Team up with a friend, dob in a partner, go to: It’s super easy and SUCH a big help.
  • Invite people along. There will be food live, drinks, live entertainment and a safe environment for your children to play and run around. What more could you want for a Friday night? Well there is more – come and find out what is on offer.
  • Book your Rides Super Pass at