2014 Concert Costume Info

Costumes for BEPS Concert, 2014
General Considerations for Everyone

Reused Costumes: In keeping with the title of the concert, ‘Found Objects’; clothes that you already own; purchase from op shop; borrow from friend; make from recycled materials, etc.

Costumes must be comfortable and practical to dance in.

Sleeves, trousers and leggings, etc. can be long or short.

Dresses and skirts can be worn with leggings, but must be practical to dance in (not too long).

Extras:                        Glitter wristbands &/or other additions to costume (as per class instructions), must not be longer than 20cm as this could put people at risk of tripping themselves or others.

Reminder:                  Attachments to costume/head must be secure.

Please see below for specific details.


123 Counting Stars and FO Composition

Jill’s class:                   Mostly blue/some green (ocean/sky); optional glittery fabric additions (wrists, hair, neck, sleeves, etc.).

Katie C & Sarah’s:     Yellow/orange/gold (sand/stars); optional glittery fabric additions (wrists, hair, neck, sleeves, etc.).

456 Actors:                Colourful beach or picnic wear.



Prep teachers will be in touch shortly.


123 Tree Hugger

Shona, Mark & Katie B’s:      Choose green clothing OR sandy/yellow clothing (as in ‘the desert’) OR cowboy or cowgirl

456 Extra Dancers:               Burgundy or brown, choose 1 or a combination of these.


123 Parklife

Mel & Andrew’s:        Sporty OR casual OR dressed up to go out OR business, any colours (we have 5 clip-on mini ties that can be borrowed).

456 Actors:                2 with orange fluro vests, shoes and brooms.

Narrator in ¾ length collared coat, shoes and perhaps a hat.


123 Hey Brother

Jenny & Jennaya’s:    A bit of a retro look:

Options- jeans/trousers/shorts/dresses or skirts (with leggings); multi-coloured tops (stripes, spots, collar or print).

Optional: Groups that dance together can choose a base colour to wear the same and then as individuals can have their own variation of pattern (as above).

Optional: a few people wanted to dress as soldiers – this is fine.

NOTE: If they own or can borrow a strong bike light or head torch (this may be worn so that it shines out from their wrist). Can bring them in week 3 of term 3 and we’ll try them out. We’ll send out a reminder about the torches next term.


456 Battery Human

Chiara, Steve & Julie’s:          A contrast between ‘battery humans’ and ‘free rage’. Each group will discuss and decide early in term 3.


456 Default

Dani, Bec &Suzanne’s:          Dress as an innovator (optional): science, art, music, sport, etc. Focus on the colour RED, with some black and/or white. Each group will discuss and decide specifics early in term 3.