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Student Free Day – 12 June

Please be aware that Monday, 11th June 2018 is the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday and that Tuesday, 12th June 2018 is a Curriculum Day for BEPS. There will be NO classes for students on this day – teachers and administrative staff will be participating in planned professional development activities. Thanks!

A Night At The Lomond

Tuesday 5 June, 7 – 9pm

225 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East

Planning for the Twilight Market, our biggest fundraising event of the year is entering full-swing. We need lots of people to engage now to smooth the way for a fun, exciting, stress-free community event. Come along with your ideas and talents to talk about how we will bring this event to life in 2018.

Attendance is not commitment.

Many hands make light work.

3-Way Conferences for Semester 1, 2018

3-way conferences are on 21, 25, 27 June.

Information will be out soon so that you are able to book a time.

For those of you who are new to 3-way conferences – this conference is a celebration of the student learning and reporting of learning growth.

If you are away during the 3-way conferences, as a few families will be, I am sorry but teachers will not be able to make up these conferences.  It is important that the teacher’s hours are not extended beyond what is reasonable.


BEPS Community Forum School Council Presentation and Survey

Below is the link to the BEPS PROJECTS – 2018 School Council Presentation to Community from Wednesday 23rd May BEPS Community Forum.
School Council has also designed an online survey that they would like as many School Community Members to complete as possible. The survey questions will help the process of decision-making for School Council. You don’t need to have attended the Forum to complete the Survey.
If you would like to access the survey click on the link 

Safety On Our Roads

Please don’t let the cold and wet weather impair your judgement about what is safe. When it is wet, visibility is poor, and so it is even more important to park safely, and legally, and have  students cross at the crossing. They might take a minute longer and they might get wet but
they will be safe from getting hit by a car coming down the road.

Road safety is our collective  responsibility.

Take a look at this video from Moreland Council.

Thank you!