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Have you been waiting to relive the 2016 School concert? (and I bet you have, as it was so UNREAL! ) You can now watch the whole thing on VIMEO and there’s a bonus BEHIND the SCENES mini video too.

But you’ll need the password… Please make a DONATION towards the arts and music program here at BEPS – just pop notes or gold coins in the box located at the front office and ask the secret password for your personal use.

The BEPS Conversation and More…

On Thursday, Janet launched her all-new means of communication with our parent, caregiver, and BEPS community. It’s in the form of a weekly Blog and is called The BEPS Conversation.

You can access The BEPS Conversation by going to or just click this link here.

The front page of the BEPS website also features the latest three posts directly from The BEPS Conversation, to help you find recent information.

Through this blog I will try to keep you informed of what goes on at BEPS and explain our educational philosophy and practices.

In any conversation, questions are welcomed and I would love the opportunity to respond to any of your questions or comments on this blog. In particular I would really like to know what topics you want explained/discussed because in that way I am writing about what is important to you. Please engage with this site and truly make it a conversation worth having. – Janet Di Pilla

The BEPS Conversation replaces the weekly school newsletter for 2017.

Learning Community Blogs

Don’t forget to also check out your children’s learning community blogs. There is a link to each one found in the Blogs page (also linked to from the main menu of the BEPS website). Samples of recent posts from these blogs are also a feature.


Invitation – LC Open Evening

Parents are invited to come into the Learning Communities from from 3:30 pm on Thursday 9 February.

Teachers in years 1-6 LCs we will be having an Open LC and Information Session on that day, providing some updates on plans for 2017.

The LCs will be open for you to visit and catch up with teachers after school from 3:30pm.

The 123 LCs will then have a short information session at 5pm in Bicicletta.

The 456 LCs will have their information session at 5:30pm.

These information sessions are open for anyone to attend but will be geared primarily for those who are new to the school or new to the LC. The information given out at the sessions will be uploaded onto the website for all to read and for anyone who cannot make it on the night.

See you there!

School Council Nominations 2017

Nominations for School Council will be going out soon.

Joining School Council is a fantastic way to be part of the planning for BEPS this year and for the future and to meet other parents, develop friendships.

Please think about. If this is something that you would be able to take on for two years – one meeting a month?

Or, do you know someone who you would like to nominate – please have a talk to them.

Keep an eye out for future notices about nominations.