2017 Enrollments

Do you have a child who will be starting at BEPS in Prep next Year? If so we need your enrollment form now please. Our enrollment policy is that we take siblings first but that implies that we know that the sibling is coming and that you have enrolled them at BEPS.
Please fill in the enrollment form and get it in before the end of term 2 (24 June, 2016) so that we can start to make decisions early next term.
Do you know someone who has a child starting in prep next year and they live in the area for which we are the nearest designated school ?
We need to know about them as well. They might be your neighbour or at kinder with your child. Please encourage them to come for a tour and fill in an enrollment form. As you can imagine we have a lot of people from outside the immediate area who wish to attend BEPS.
It is hard to make a decision about enrollment requests if we don’t know all the information and we always try to make decisions in a timely fashion so that all parents and students have certainty about which school their child will attend. Please help us to make accurate and timely decisions by getting in your enrollment form as soon as possible.
Thank you.