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End Of Year Schedule

Here are the key dates for the end of the year:


  • Tuesday 6th December:
    • Year 6 Orientation for students attending a state secondary school
    • Step Into Prep for our new 2017 Preps
    • Whole School Transition day for all other BEPS students
    • 3-Way Conferences – First Night (from 3:30pm)
  • Thursday 8th December – 2017 Prep Information Night
  • Monday 12th December – 3-Way Conferences – Second Night (from 3:3pm)
  • Wednesday 14th December – Year 6 Graduation Celebration (7pm – 8pm)
  • Thursday 15th December – 3-Way Conferences – Third Night (from 3:30pm)
  • Friday 16 December:
    • Whole School Picnic Day (9:00am – 2:30pm)
    • Whole School Assembly featuring Year 6 Farewells (2:30pm – 3:30pm). Year 6 students will return early from the picnic to prepare.
  • Monday 19th December – Student Free Day (OSHC will run if needed) – staff are developing plans for 2017
  • Tuesday 20th December – last day of the term. There will be no assembly. Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm

BEPS goes Nude… with its Food


What everyone can do…

  • Try to bring food that is in its natural wrapper (it’s skin) and that is compostable.
  • Try to bring food that isn’t packaged or wrapped
  • Try to pack your lunch in washable containers and zip lock bags.

Any packaging you have will stay in your lunch box and go home with you.

The LC with the least waste and the LC who is most improved will win an award and kudos at the end of the term!

We can’t wait to get our food nude!


the Environment Action Team.


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Back To School Orders 2017



Children, families and staff work very hard to ensure that we are friends learning together.  To support this, the school provides the best teaching and learning for our children, by using quality equipment, materials and resources while organising students into the smallest groups possible.

The school is financially supported by the state government through the Department of Education and Training, by providing direct grants.  However, in order to provide the richest educational experience possible, we continue to rely on the high levels of support that we receive from families through purchase of requisites, payment for essential education items fee, optional education items, voluntary contributions, and fundraising.

In 2017 we will maintain the Essential Education Items fee at the 2016 amount.  This fee allows us to maintain and improve our digital technology resources and improve learning without us having to ask you to purchase a digital device (laptop or ipad) for your child.

The school makes every effort to keep the cost of items that need to be purchased to a minimum.

OfficeMax is supplying our book packs for 2017.  Instructions for ordering on line are provided on the book lists.  Payment of book packs, and Essential Education Items fee, can also be paid on line.

We encourage all families to order a Student Book Pack through our supplier.  The advantages to you are:

  • No need to shop for these items over the holiday period
  • Competitive prices are ensured through our bulk ordering
  • Quality materials are guaranteed
  • All children will have the same materials to work with in the classroom

We highly recommend that you purchase the individual Student Book Pack items and pay for the Essential Education Items fee through our supplier.


To order your books, please complete the booklist order on-line as soon as possible. The following link takes you directly to the Officemax Brunswick East Book Lists.

The Access Key for Brunswick East Primary School is 19MZ6H

Orders must be completed on-line by FRIDAY 16th DECEMBER 2016.

Book Packs will be delivered directly to Brunswick East Primary School for distribution to your child’s classroom.


Thank you for your continued support.  With your help we are confident of continued improvement at BEPS and another successful school year for our community in 2017.



Announcing: Twilight Market Menu

tm-2016-menu-v2Mr Potatomiyagi, the Japanese-style baked potato, is back by popular demand! And so are the Pulled Pork Rolls and Dhal Makani! So many delicious choices.

But wait there’s more… we also have a Mezze Platter to tempt you this year. And of course, there’s still BBQ corn and the trusty ol’ snag to keep the kids happy.

Gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

Visit the Twilight Market web site for more information.