2016 School Performance – Peer Review

An excerpt of the 2016 Summary of School’s Performance from the 2016 Peer Review Report Cycle appears below:

Summary of the School’s Performance against the Previous Strategic Plan

Brunswick East Primary School was successful in achieving the goals established in the last strategic plan which led to improved outcomes in student learning, engagement and wellbeing.

It was the overall finding of the panel day discussions that the framework of strategies to improve student outcomes had been successfully implemented and the focus on excellence in teaching and learning was evident in the progressive improvement in student achievement. There was a positive endorsement from the school staff towards the school climate and an ongoing improvement in student and parent satisfaction results.

Over the course of the strategic plan according to teacher assessments in all dimensions of Literacy and Numeracy 90-100% students Years F-6 working at or above expected levels.

There was evidence of a wide range of abilities in the NAPLAN for Year 3 and Year 5 2014-16 data demonstrated between 70%-80% of students performing above expected levels. Whilst Reading and Numeracy were particular strengths Writing did not always attain these high levels. The school successfully focused on improving and coordinated a whole school approach to teacher practice and professional growth through the effective structuring of the professional learning teams. Their impact upon student learning was an evolving process as the school focused on high impact teaching strategies to cater for all student needs within the structure of the learning communities.

During this period the school also developed individual learning plans for students well above or below expected levels to challenge and extend each student in their learning.   These programs were supported with a focus on the use of data and the development of an assessment schedule. This will be further embedded through coordination of a whole school approach to assessment and effective use of data to enable teaching at the individual point of need.

Within this positive context Brunswick East Primary School will continue to focus on value adding for all students in Literacy and Numeracy to ensure high levels of learning growth. They will also focus on improving the conventions of Writing in the next planning period.

The panel agreed that Brunswick East Primary School had been successful in reaching their goal in creating a safe and stimulating learning environment.

It was evident that Brunswick East Primary School was clearly articulating the needs of the students in learning through effective leadership and a shared commitment to the set of school values.

To improve student connectedness and involvement in their learning Brunswick East Primary School will further promote student voice and encourage students to set their own learning goals, individually and in teams, that extend their learning.

While the school had an active and involved school community the panel acknowledged the survey data indicated a need to improve the ongoing communication between the school and parents. They will further develop clear expectations and positive, respectful relationships across the Brunswick East school community and provide opportunities for parent involvement to enhance student learning.

Brunswick East Primary School strategically managed budgets and workforce planning and provided opportunities for professional learning and specialist staffing to successfully achieve the school goals.