Monthly Archives: February 2014

New BEPS Website

Welcome to the new year at BEPS… AND… welcome to our new website!

It had become difficult to maintain our previous website and keep it up to date with relevant information. So the decision was made to develop a new and improved website, with an easy to navigate back end for members of staff to make updates to their areas of responsibility.

We hope that it is a little less complicated and “busy” for parents, students, the community and prospective parents and students to navigate.

So take a look around and leave us some comments below! We can make some further improvements from your good suggestions!

BEPS Website
Our old website – up until Feb 2014.

You can also “Follow” the website so that you can stay informed of changes and new posts.



BEPS Radio Room Streaming Online

The 123 Radio Workshop children have been incredibly busy this term and have produced an awesome podcast that showcases their radio nous. The podcast features an interview with Michael Hole by Charlie and Amelia, an interview with Janet by James and Lola, and an interview with Leigh by Leon and Keelan. The fabulous Keir is our radio host and panel operator.

BEPS Radio
BEPS Radio Station

Please stream the podcast on Soundcloud here –

Congratulations radio team! Stay tuned for more excellent podcasts from the 123 and 456 radio teams in the new year.

Have an excellent holiday,

Mel and Jacinta