2014-2015 Transition Info

Over the next four weeks, each and every student in our school will be participating in the BEPS Transition Program.

Our program consists of three transition afternoons followed by a full day. These sessions enable students to experience what their future learning community might look and feel like. The transition program is an extremely valuable part of our curriculum as it supports students, teachers and families during a transient time in the students learning journey.
As students (and their families) progress through school they will naturally experience many changes in their learning environments physically, socially and emotionally. Whether your child is experiencing changes from Kinder to Prep, Prep to 123, 123 to 456 or Year 6 to 7, we aim for our Transition Program to make the experience as seamless and comfortable as possible.

As we continue to find the best fit for children and teachers alike, it is important to remember that the learning communities, teachers and friendship groups your children experience may not be the ones they will be in next year. The program offers them a snapshot of possible outcomes and the opportunity to gain a familiarity with the rest of the school and also to build resilience when experiencing change.

Please check the school calendar for Transition Information Evenings, dates and times or download this invitation: 2014 BEPS TRANSITION INFO NIGHT

The information evenings will offer a full run down of the Transition Program and a chance to ask any questions.